Reflection at a Christchurch wedding

Creative use of a wedding venue

A couple of days ago I posted an article on what happens if it rains at your wedding. so following on from that image I want to share a little behind the scenes magic with you.

Not all venues have a great expanse of outdoor space and when it rains that shrinks even more but if you trust your photographer you will be surprised by what we come up with. We tend to see the world slightly differently, and that is why no two photographers are the same. If you gave us all the same situation we’d all come away with entirely different images. Your job, when selecting your Dorset wedding photographer is to find the images and the personality you like.

This photograph was taken at The Manor Hotel in Christchurch, a beautiful boutique space with quirky furniture and a great atmosphere. Outside though there isn’t a lot of space for photographs that are slightly different to the norm but with a bit of imagination…. On this wedding day there had been a large downpour, while we were at the ceremony in the New Forest, When we arrived at the reception I spotted this huge puddle in the car park because it was the only area free of cars because no one wants to park in a puddle. After the speeches, I asked the bride and groom to join me outside as the sun set and commandeered the best man to hold a strobe for me.

Take a look at the before and after to get a glimpse of what we photographer s do on a wet wedding. Yes, I did lay on the floor for this shot, gladly no one took that photo of me.

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