Magnolia at Brympton house

Magnolia tree at Brympton House

Today I wandered into the garden and noticed the Daffodils starting to take hold, a sure sign that spring is on its way. On a wet weekend like this one it certainly was a welcome sight. I couldn’t resist putting this photograph up a little earlier than planned as it reminds me of spring, to be more precise, a Spring wedding.

This Magnolia tree at Brympton house in Somerset is one of the most amazing trees I’ve seen, ever. This couple was so lucky to have this shot, Magnolia is a tree whose flowers only briefly shine, usually stripped by a stiff breeze and disappear just as quickly as they arrive. As you can see in the photograph the flowers are already dropping. I could not miss the opportunity to capture this magnificent example of one of my favourite displays of natural beauty. The fact I had a rather good-looking couple to share the day with was a blessing. I have this image in one of my sample albums and it always gets commented on.

If you are getting Married at Brympton House get in touch, I really would love the chance to photograph this stunning venue again.

Magnolia at Brympton house

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