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What is a Garage Portrait?

Everybody has heard of ‘garage music’ right? For fear of showing my age, garage music was the humble beginning of mainstream dance music. People working out of their home studios producing some of the most influential and inspired music of its day. The same principles to garage portraits. A small space where new ideas and lighting are tried out on the lucky few before it is taken on the road and out to the masses.

You can be part of the fun at my garage portrait studio here in Ashley Cross, Parkstone. It is where new styles of photography are being experimented with and perfected, the days of the flat lit white background are long gone and something new is emerging. Model style posing for children with echoes of the past styles of photography when each shot counted, yes I mean the film days! Time and effort spent getting the right style for each face and character.

Fun is not forgotten, even the shyest of children come to life once they realise it is just a home. The high street studio is a daunting place when you are only a metre tall, a smaller studio is far more comforting which is part of the attraction to being welcomed into my humble abode.

Modern studio posing for kids
Laughter in the photo studio

How do you join in the fun?

It’s easy just get in contact either via the button below or reach out to me on  Facebook to see what space is available, A friendly voice, i.e. me, will always be able to take you through the ins and outs of what is currently going on in the studio. Parking is not a problem as I have spaces at my home plus there is plenty of on road parking around the Green at Ashley Cross.

Like and follow my Facebook page to let you to see the latest news and offers, you’ll also be able to join the conversation about new styles in the studio. Let me know if you’ve seen something you’d like done with your children or even have your own head shots done for your latest professional profile. Now that’s a whole other service for another page. Speak to you soon!

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Character portraits in Poole Studio