Rain on your Larmertree weddingday

Rain on your wedding day? No problem

Weather, that is the subject that we Brits love to discuss. Waiting in line for the bus, lunch or just passing a stranger, we love to talk about it. The reason is Britain has such a varied climate we can never plan for anything. August for example used to be the staple of a wedding photographers diary, now – not so much. Why? I hear you say, well for the last five or so years it has been wet! A rainy season in the middle of summer, in fact, September seems to have the most stable weather and bookings seem to reflect that.

As a British Wedding Photographer, I need to be prepared for all the all mighty can throw at me and rain, for me, is a blessing. I’m usually prepared for a downpour and ideas aplenty as long as the bride and groom are game. In fact, I love rain. Shots like this happen when the heavens open, I put flashes in plastic bags, pop the rain covers on my camera equipment, the only thing that does get wet is me.

On this Lamertree garden wedding it really did throw it down, I was like the man upstairs threw a bucket out of the window up high and we were on its path to Earth. Thankfully my bride and groom trusted me enough to go out in the rain for this.

Rain on your Larmertree weddingday

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