Bridemaid entertained with Frozen

Do you wanna build a snowman

When you are busy getting ready for your wedding there are hundreds of things to think about and often the little ones out of necessity are left to their own devices. Having two minions of my own I’m used to relating to these mini humans. Now while you are getting your dress on, makeup and hair finished, I’m watching those little moments that will remind you of your wedding day from a different perspective.

This Flowergirl was in a room of people she didn’t know that well, those that did were too busy to give her the attention she usually has. Enter Disney, unbelievably she’d never seen Frozen. Thankfully I’ve seen this film too many time to count, reciting the words to the songs was no problem.  I can even tell you what is being said in this still from the film in the photograph! I’m sure there are many parents that can do the same. This instantly got the flower girl onside and this helped for the rest of the day.

These are the skills that a documentary wedding photographer uses to blend in with the surroundings and capture those candid moments for you to relive, forever. We don’t hide in bushes like the paparazzi, by being a social member of your wedding party we live the day alongside you, the only difference is our eyes are trained to spot moments that tell a story.

I love this little moment where the flower girl is totally absorbed in the film while holding her new Elsa doll while the bridesmaids are absorbed in their planning of the day’s activities. shot from child height gives the viewer the chance to see the bridal preparations from the flower girls perspective.

Trivia: Can you name the song on the TV from the image?

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