Apple Green wedding album

DreambooksPro Wedding Albums

I’ve been using DreambooksPro for a number of years. they have proved themselves to be one of the best-built wedding albums available. I have tried many album manufacturers over the years and have experienced some poor service and production, some from the big names in wedding album manufacturing. These problems range from flat lifeless images, and colour inconsistency to the binding or pages simply falling apart. Dreambooks pro has proved their worth, I have one of their albums that has seen every show and home visit since 2018 and it still looks good as new. I have to be honest, since Brexit I have tried to find an alternative as they are based in Portugal and importing from Europe has become less easy in recent times but I cannot find an equal to my favourite album, the beautiful wooden Nature Album. It seems it will stay one of my most popular albums for years to come.

Beautiful Wooden Wedding Album

This album is made with a classic and durable wooden structure combined with a spine and back cover in linen or Vegan-Friendly Micro Leather. Below you’ll find all the different variations of materials to choose from.

Nature Wedding Album

FSC Certificate

Wood is the raw material for this album & box and for this reason I look for high-quality wood of sustainable origin, which is produced through an ecologically responsible process and certified by FSC, which guarantees that the manufacturing process is the result of responsible and socially fair ecological management.

This certificate is not only a guarantee of the quality and origin of the wood but also of the actions taken to protect the environment during its consumption.


Vegan-friendly Leather

Order an album for your wedding now

If you forgot to order a wedding album in your original wedding package don’t worry these are still available for you to buy separately. The cost includes design fees, changes and delivery. Prices start at only £395 for a 10″x10″ album. Order through your online gallery or get in touch to find out more.