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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, my name is Nathan and I am a wedding photographer based in Poole, Dorset. Telling a story in photographs has been a passion since being a young boy.

Why entrust me with your wedding photography

Photography for me is far more than my job, it’s a way of life. It didn’t take long after graduation from my photography degree for me to discover weddings, photographing a wedding is an honour and a position of trust. I love to see the emotion unfold during the day, experience helps me anticipate when and where moments happen but there are also moments between moments that take a keen eye to spot. Telling that story with documentary photography is my gift and I give it to you.

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A Photographer Who doesn’t construct moments

Libra Photographic is a Dorset Wedding Photographer who lets your day unfold naturally and minimises the amount of interruption to your celebration. Covering both UK and destination weddings.


Dorset Wedding Photographer

Beautifully Emotive and Fun Dorset wedding photography

Style of photography

If asked what my style is I’d have to reply, that I am a watcher. I am always alert to the story around me, I wait for the story to happen in a perfectly lit scenario then creatively capture the moment for eternity. Not only this I will create imaginative portraits for you when the time is right. Wedding photography here is for those who really value their photography but don’t want to be directed too much and want to enjoy their wedding day.

Take your time to select your wedding photographer, what you are paying for isn’t so much physical product it’s the photographers’ eyes that view your wedding day and the interpretation of the story as it happens. If you connect with the photography in the portfolio or real wedding stories then get in touch to check your wedding date I’d love to talk about your wedding day.

Dorset Wedding photographer

I have been working as a Bournemouth and Poole wedding photographer for the last 22 years and have photographed over 600 weddings at a number of Dorset wedding venues. My reputation for customer service is important as a leading Dorset wedding photographer.

Being a full-time professional you will receive products that will stand the test of time.

Take two minutes out of your busy day to watch a quick video of the 2021 highlights. It’s quick and there are some treasures to spot with the pause button.

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Hate the camera?

When the time comes for a breather away from the crowd then we produce those big spectacular portraits that fill social media without feeling awkward or forced

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Love every second of your wedding

We had originally booked a different photographer for our wedding but changed to Nathan after seeing him in action at another wedding we were at! And what a great decision this was!

Unscripted, unposed moments from your wedding will invoke the memories of your guests, their antics, the love and laughter from your big day

Documentary photography enables you to get on with your wedding day uninterrupted to enjoy the laughter and hugs that come with your big day.

Photographing weddings since 1999

Libra Photographic is the wedding photography company run by Award Winning photographer Nathan Eames since 1999. In that time Nathan has photographed over 600 weddings gaining a wealth of experience, giving many people beautiful art for their homes.


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As a professional wedding photographer, I believe in bringing more an event than just a camera. As a Documentary wedding photographer, I might be taking pictures for just one day of your life but I am actually creating a lifetime of memories for you. I act as wedding photographer and coordinator throughout the day and you should use this knowledge that I have obtained of weddings to your advantage.

Why Should Photography be your number one priority?

If you take a moment to think about it, a wedding photographer will be there by your side from the moment you are having makeup applied, the moment you cut your cake, and until the people go sideways on the dancefloor. As the photographer, I will be right there by your side, having created a personal relationship with you both.

Do you follow a wedding plan?

There are numerous benefits to planning ahead of time that will ease your wedding day if you take them into consideration from the beginning, the wedding plan is important but once the wedding day begins the work is done and mine begins. I will be by your side more than you realise, there to help.

How can your photographer be a coordinator and manage to get his work done?

It is a well-known fact that practice makes perfect and I have participated in numerous beautiful weddings and have learned a trick or two to help you out.
As a documentary wedding photographer, I have to: Know, be attentive, anticipate and have a vision. All these skills were gathered over time and with a passion for the art of photography.

What if there is a wedding emergency?

In case of an emergency as an experienced photographer, I offer more than my camera skill set, I offer my advice and coordinate the couple accordingly to that specific situation so that they can move past and enjoy the rest of their event.

Will you tell me where the best places for photos are?

If there is a moment at a wedding where the décor, the sky or the light outside aligns perfectly in some way only nature can offer, it is my duty as photographers to have the vision and imagination to capture a perfect photo before it happens, and then make it happen. You will be overwhelmed on your big day to have time to notice your surrounding areas. As a documentary wedding photographer, I believe in your event. I understand how important it is to the couple that the day goes on perfectly. I take pride in my work and it brings me as an individual pure joy to see the moments that the couple lived on their wedding day captured exactly as they were.

How do you get those candid moments?

Having been in this industry for a long time you begin to know the traditions and the way the event will go just by the people that are attending the wedding. This works to my advantage allowing me to capture the exact moments that count.

Why do I need a wedding album?

wedding photos might have great emotional value when you receive them but fast forward years and years from now and you will see the true value they represent only then. An album is a perfect way to relive the day.