Larmertree garden wedding

Imagine yourself in the middle of a quintessentially English country garden with peacocks roaming free a couple of macaws sitting in the trees, live music playing in the background with warm sun glancing your skin, got it? Now you are somewhere near the feeling of getting married at a Larmertree wedding. Ben and Alexis had just this other tan a short, sharp shower just before the ceremony to add a bit of drama to the day.

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Japanese water garden wedding photographer

Wedding at the Italian Villa in Poole

The Italian Villa, Poole. Wedding Photography   This day last week I spent the day with this very lovely couple at their Italian Villa wedding in Poole. Such a great day spent with a good crowd and I have to say they had good humour. I really enjoyed my time with them. I had to…

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Alpaca ring bearer at Larmerrtree Garden wedding

Alpaca photobomb at Larmertree garden wedding

Alpaca Wedding Ring Delivery     Not your usual photobomb at a wedding. These Alpaca’s were Saturday’s ring bearers at Larmertree Gardens on the Border of Dorset and Wiltshire. The registrars were party to a surprise for the bride, Alexis, when an empty ring box was opened by the best man at the fateful moment…

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Bride looks out of her wedding car in the rain before the ceremony

A thoughtful moment at Larmertree Gardens

A long slow drive through a row of high sided hedges in an English Country Garden gives Dawn, a Miami bride, time to contemplate the British weather. The Groom standing, waiting, patiently for her just around the corner takes a deep breath hearing the car drive around the marquee. Then, upon stopping the bridesmaids spring into action opening the umbrellas to escort her to the ceremony

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Bride and groom laughing at speech

7 memorable Best Man Jokes I hear while at a wedding

Love them or loath them Best man speeches are expected to contain at least one or two jokes. As a wedding photographer I hear quite a few speeches and now the internet is involved I do tend be able to work out the ones from the internet. This does not mean that they are poor, at least the best man has done some research and taken his job seriously, in fact, I’m probably one of the only people in the room who has gone to more than 10 weddings in their life let alone over 500!

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wedding cake topper

Make a unique wedding

I’d have to say all photographers are very different. If it was possible to time travel and you could put 10 photographers in a single moment in time at your wedding they would come away with 10 different photographs. We all view the world in a unique way. How your story is told by each one is what should draw you to their images.

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A christmas Dorset wedding at the Victorian Barn

Christmas Barn wedding

As Christmas approaches, I am reminded of this great wedding one year ago today at the Victorian Barn in Dorset. Everything about this wedding said Christmas, from the ties to the shoes, the big guy in Red even made a special appearance (even if his beard did fall off). Alex and Rachel had thought of all the little details for their wedding.

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