The Orchid hotel wedding photographer

The Orchid Hotel | Bournemouth | wedding photographer

365 Days of weddings | Day 51
Snow did not stop this couple from enjoying their wedding at the Orchid Hotel in Bournemouth. We waited until dusk to capture the white stuff under the strobe lights outside the hotel. Cold but magical for this Disney inspired wedding

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Spring engagement photography

Bournemouth gardens – Engagement photo shoot

Planning an engagement photo shoot in the cold is a little daunting but when the low spring sun breathes life into your photos it could be any time of year. Take a look at this stunning set of photographs in Bournemouth gardens.

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Bride and Bridesmaids on Reva boat | Lake Como Wedding

Destination wedding- Lake Como

365 Days of Weddings | Day 50
A destination wedding photographer has so much fun seeing parts of the world and enjoying great company. Here on Lake Como the bride and bridesmaids are enjoying a ride on a Riva speedboat around Lake Como.

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The Manor Hotel Christchurch wedding photographer

The Manor Hotel-Christchurch-wedding-photographer

365 Days of Weddings | Day 49
Creating a stunning photograph anywhere and anytime is part of the skill of a wedding photographer. This Manor hotel, Christchurch, wedding photographer made the children’s playground into an Easter island wonderland

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Outdoor wedding ceremony-Rhinefield House

Outdoor wedding ceremony

365 Days of Weddings | Day 48
Walking away from an outdoor wedding ceremony knowing that you’ve pulled off an English outdoor wedding in the sun. Strolling beside the long pond at a Rhinefield House wedding, head held high, what a feeling! Take a look at these two enjoying their wedding.

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Bridesmaid reacts to the grooms speech

did he really say that?

365 Days of weddings | Day 47
Watching the reaction to the speeches is one of the best parts of the day for a documentary wedding photographer at a Kingston Country Courtyard wedding. Here the bridesmaid reacts to the groom’s speech. Can you guess her reaction?

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Upton House Wedding photographer

Upton House wedding photographer

365 Days of Weddings | Day 46
An Upton House wedding photographer in the summer can be given sensory overload with the truly epic amount of colour and plants available. It is difficult in these moments to keep a couple portrait simple. This photograph is in a corner of the walled garden and echoes the lovely colours from the wedding.

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Bride and Groom take a dip in the River Tarrant

Langton Arms Wedding photographer

365 Days of Weddings | Day 45
Taking a dip in the river isn’t every couples idea of a wedding photo but for Ashley and Yolanda, that is exactly what they did. At their Langton Arms Wedding in Tarrant Monkton, they popped to the ford for a few photos.

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Hands at a Hampshire Wedding

Naked hands at a wedding

365 Days of Wedding s | Day 44
For the last time, this bride and groom hold their left hands together in a simple private, supporting moment during their New Forest Wedding Ceremony. Documentary wedding photography is the art of spotting such intimate moments hidden in plain sight

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Three generations holding hands

Three generations of brides

365 days of weddings | Day 43
Three left hands bound together showing their wedding rings. This photograph from a Dorset wedding depicts three generations of women with just their left hands. The bond they share is evident just by looking at their hands.

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Hampshire wedding under a willow

365 days of weddings | Day 42
A solitary willow makes a perfect backdrop for this wedding photograph at Southampton University. If there was a perfect tree for a Hampshire wedding it has to be the willow, they are just the perfect companion for the portrait photographer

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Bridemaid entertained with Frozen

Do you wanna build a snowman

365 days of Weddings | Day 41
Taken from the perspective of a flower girl this photograph is documentary wedding photography at its finest. It shows the moment the flower girl is absorbed by Frozen while the adult bridesmaids are busy getting the day on track in the background.

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