Wedding Album FAQ

Why do you use DreambooksPro and Henley Albums?

I’ve tried and offered many albums over the years and I’m quite particular when it comes to what I offer my customers I look for a balance of quality and price. You’d be surprised by the problems I have come across over the years and not only from small manufacturers. Dull, flat, lifeless prints and bindings have fallen apart, to name just a few. DreambooksPro (a Portuguese company) offers my favourite album, made of wood, which no one else offers to the same degree of quality so they win the prize for that one alone. Whereas Henley is a UK based that offers well-priced lay flat albums which are printed and bound by hand. They have exacting standards, but they don’t have a great selection of colours which is what keeps their costs down.

Why no Leather?

That’s right, there are no animal products available here. I believe that if there are alternatives that are as good as leather like Eco-Leather or even better like linen or wood why do I need to add something that literally takes a lifetime to produce? Yes, I am a plant-based human but don’t worry I don’t preach from the hilltops. That’s my choice and it doesn’t mean I dislike people who aren’t the same but it does mean I can choose what to sell.

You weren’t my photographer, can I have an album too?

Of course, most photographers give you a licence to print your photos wherever you wish.

Do you retouch the photos?

When designing an album I will clean up the photos to a slightly higher degree for example removing fire escape signs etc. I wouldn’t have time to do that on all the original photos when I deliver as you’d never get your images back! In an album though I do have the time to do the finer work. I also need to make sure all the colours on a page are equally balanced so they don’t look out of place next to each other.

How many images can I put in a wedding album?

As a rule of thumb around 6 images per page but in reality, a whole album can’t be 6 on each page as you’d want at least a few feature images. Without feature images, your album starts to look like a scrapbook. A base album of 20 pages would comfortably hold 50-60 images with plenty of feature images, more if you have a lot of candids from speeches or the evening party.

How do I order a Wedding Album from you?

Albums are available in your wedding gallery if your wedding was photographed by me. Cover options are shown here on my website. Just let me know which variations you would like. Selecting the images is as easy as ‘liking’ them on social media. Simply select your favourites in the gallery then either let me know you’re done or hit “share with the photographer” and I’ll get designing.

Henley Albums

On the Henley Album page, there is a useful link to an album builder where you can virtually build your album and it will price the product as you go. Once done you can send the configuration to me and I’ll be in touch about your design.

Dreambooks Pro

Tell me which Wood, Back cover + spine material plus the colour you’d like via email plus the image selection and I’ll get on with the design for you.

If I didn’t shoot your wedding drop me a message and let’s talk about how I can help. I can make a great album out of most images but please note if the images are too overprocessed it can be next to impossible to recover detail from them.