Trash the dress photographer in Dorset

As a Trash the Dress photographer in Poole I must point out that unless you really want to the shoot does not actually mean, destroying the dress! Trash the dress photography enables you, after your wedding day, to get back in your cherished dress and do something that you would not have done on the day of the wedding, or even before! This can be anything from sitting on wet grass to launching yourself into the water at the beach. I have had a lot of fun since introducing this service in 2010.

I got the idea for these shoots from America were ‘rock the frock’ shoots were becoming very popular. Moreover, I loved the idea of doing something a bit different, and when I asked a few couples they loved the idea. I have to say that a lot of my clients say they don’t want to be too extreme until after the wedding day when the ideas seem a little more appealing once the dress has been on for a day.

The first Trash the Dress Shoot

Trash the Dress photography in Poole
Mark begins his Trash the Dress shoot by launching into shallow water on Studland Beach

The first trash dress shoot I photographed was a trash dress shoot on Studland beach in Dorset. It was a cold November morning and we drove to Studland (the ferry was not running at 6 am) to be greeted by a spectacular sunrise. After a quick change into their wedding gear, Kirsten, Mark and Murphy (their dog) wandered to the beach. We took a stroll through the dunes taking a few shots on the way, posed on the beach for a few then entered the water as the tide was coming in. Mark had a few practice leaps on the sand, and I set up the flashes and Boom away we went with one almighty Bomb into 12 inches of water. Mark was not taking any prisoners! You can see the lapping shoreline in the photograph, Crazy boy, but the image was definitely worth the effort. Then it was Kirsten’s turn……. deep breath, Kirsten and Mark walked hand in hand out into the freezing ocean, both are water sports enthusiasts so the water is home to them, stopped turned to each other and slowly dunked their whole bodies into the water. Somehow they managed to keep the love and warmth in their eyes when I was shivering cold, yes I’m also up to my waist in the water!  15 mins later we managed to capture some images that they’ll be talking about for years in the future. After our shoot, we realised that a long string of tents was along the beach each containing a fisherman. We’d given them something they’d never forget! As we walked away one called out that we must be crazy, well these guys do it most weekends and we did it once…who’s crazy! After finishing the morning shoot in a cafe I bought them both breakfast to warm them up, both struggled to hold their cutlery but it was an amazing experience for us all, I certainly won’t forget it.

This was the first in a long line of trash the dress shoots that I’ve now done. They have taken me to Cornwall (the water was slightly warmer!) and Hampshire as well as my local, Dorset. I’ve seen brides on motorbikes and an entire bridal party jump into a swimming pool the day after the ceremony and dogs walked on beaches. What ideas can you bring to the table? I have many stored up in my head. This year could see a paddle boarder, some paint and some fire!

After the wedding trash your dress in a fun way
Bride on a SUP board in Poole