inclusivity at Ashley Wood Farm wedding with a rainbow of colour

A Viking-Inspired Wedding with a Modern Twist

A Day Filled with Love, Tradition, and Unique Touches at Ashley Wood Farm

On a bright summer’s day in 2021, nestled in the lush countryside of Somerset, UK, an idyllic Ashley Wood Farm wedding set the stage for a truly remarkable celebration of love. Amidst the golden sun rays and warm summer breeze, Conor and India exchanged their vows in a unique Viking-themed wedding, breaking traditions and incorporating modern touches.

A union of both old and new, the couple’s wedding paid homage to their passion for Norse history and culture, while blending in contemporary elements to create a one-of-a-kind ceremony. With rainbow-coloured bridesmaid dresses, a bridesman, and a best girl, Connor and India’s wedding was not only a celebration of their love but also a testament to their individuality.

Ashley Wood Farm Wedding, Somerset

The picturesque Ashley Wood Farm provided the perfect backdrop for this enchanting Viking-inspired wedding. With its charming rustic barn, expansive open fields, and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, the venue evoked a sense of timelessness that aligned seamlessly with the wedding’s theme. The historic farmhouse and gardens added to the enchanting atmosphere, making it feel as if Connor and India’s special day was taking place in another era.

A Modern and Vibrant Twist

Connor and India’s Ashley Wood Farm wedding party was a beautiful blend of the traditional and the modern. Embracing inclusivity, the couple chose to have a bridesman and a best girl, a refreshing departure from conventional gender roles. The bridesmaids dazzled in flowing rainbow-coloured dresses complimenting the ties and handkerchieves of the groom’s party, each one representing a different shade of the rainbow, signifying unity in diversity. These vibrant gowns added a pop of colour to the rustic setting and were a fun, contemporary contrast to the Viking theme. The bridesman sported a tailored suit that complemented the bridesmaids’ dresses, while the best girl donned a chic outfit that mirrored the groomsmen’s attire.

The Ceremony: A Unique Blend of Love and Tradition

The couple’s ceremony was a heartfelt tribute to their love for each other and their shared passion for Viking culture. A traditional Viking handfasting ritual symbolized their unity, as their hands were bound together with a braided cord. The officiant, also an usher, led the couple through their vows, which included promises of love, loyalty, and adventure, inspired by the Norse sagas. Connor and India’s daughter had other ideas, however, she ended up being cuddled by Connor throughout which made for an award-winning photo!

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