Bride and groom pose in an Orchard near Holt, New Forest

A beautiful wedding in Holt, Dorset

This was the wedding I had looked forward to all year. Elle is the little sister of one of my closest clients and having already photographed her big brother’s wedding I felt totally at ease with the family. It really felt like visiting an old friend. Elle began her day at her mum’s home with make-up and hair from Blushing Brides where I realised that Elle (a budding photographer) was a Pinterest addict. She had plenty of ideas and bits and bobs ready for the photos. One of these involved her and her bridesmaids getting into bed after having their hair done! much to the horror of the hairdresser.

With a Rolls Royce for the Bridesmaids Dad arrived in his Rally car with their names on the windows, a Mark2 Ford Escort, I have to say this took me back to my youth as a car I’ve owned in the past and I did think it was a little awesome! Dad promptly whisked Elle away to the ceremony. While I lay in the middle of the road waiting for the car to round the corner to enter my perfect shot I heard the car come from behind me, dad took a short cut, fortunately, the shot in the other direction was also great, that’s the beauty of a country village I guess.

At the little village of Holt near Wimborne, Dorset there is a quaint little church. Beautiful and light. However, this was one day I met my match in the form of a lady vicar who would not let any photography in the house of god at all. I even had a verger go with me during the service to make sure I didn’t flout the rules. This is the only time I have experienced this in 15 yrs and its a real shame but I guess she’d come across one of the many photographers without respect for the ceremony who spoil it for the rest of us.

A point for couples to remember, check with your church about photography in the service, my camera’s are almost silent and I’m a photo ninja so I’m happy to meet with your vicar before hand if needed.

After the ceremony, we raced back to her dad’s home where a giant marquee was waiting, beautifully set up with the smell of hog roast wafting through the air. Her dad’s home had plenty of grounds for us to explore we were spoilt for choice. A sunset blessed the end of the day and we finished the portraits so they could let their hair down and join the photobooth fun with their guests. I’m sure you’ll agree when you look through the photographs that this was Elle and Rob’s perfect day.

selection a black and white bridal preparation photos
bride get ready for the big day
wedding in Holt, New Forest
Fun B&W wedding Group shots
Bride and Groom pose by wall
Bride arrives in Rally car
Black and white wedding speach photos
Love on the first dance floor
Evening bridal posing in Hampshire
Beautiful wedding photography in Hampshire

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