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Civil Partnership: Pennsylvania Castle, Barry and Anthony

Barry and Anthony had their Civil Ceremony at Pennsylvania Castle in Portland, Dorset. I have to say their choice of venue was perfect. I’d never shot at this venue before and the light in the building was stunning, everywhere you tuned the architecture gave beautiful lines. As an image maker I was spoilt. Then you get outside, WOW! The only drawback is I have to reign myself back as a wedding is not a photo shoot! I could have spent all weekend creating images around the grounds and I hope that I’ll be visiting this venue many times over the coming years to fulfil all the ideas and locations this place can offer.

I loved the way Barry and Anthony converted the castle into their own home by adding their family photographs and ornaments around the Castle creating an intimate setting where all felt comfortable.

Here are a few images from their special day to enjoy while I beaver away on the edit.

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