Bride and groom walk through crowded Bournemouth beach

Miramar Hotel Bournemouth Wedding photographer

On the Air show weekend I had a chance to photograph Frances and Andrew’s beach themed wedding starting at the Church of the Sacred Heart. This church is right in the heart of Bournemouth town centre where I hoped to see the red arrows fly by on the day of the wedding however the times got changed so a little visit the day before got the shots we needed for the album. A strict Catholic church and very impressive in both size and beauty but being a strict church I was limited with the coverage inside so I had to get creative with the shots I could get. I sometimes like this as it keeps me on my toes.

A very relaxed Andrew welcomed his very trendy guests into the church where Frances turned up in style, a Type 2 VW camper van called Jazz, a Coca Cola Red 1966 Split Screen Bus from Solent dub hire. I very keen bride slid open the side door and jumped out before anyone could help or photograph her. Frances looked stunning with flowers in her hair and lace covered dress. All her bridesmaids were in pretty floral dresses perfect for the summer’s day. Andrew certainly was a happy man when Frances walked down the isle.

After the Church of the Sacred Heart we headed to east cliff, special passes in hand as the road was closed, for the air show. We decided after a short drive through the crowds we’d brave the very crowded beach for some shots. Most couples would flinch at walking through the hundreds of people lining the shore but not these guys. We wandered down to the beach via the cliff path to be greeted by a Chinook flyby. A few photos and cheers later we decided it was time for food and drink back up at the Miramar Hotel. A little hike up the steep hill later (one breather on the way) they greeted their guests by arriving in the camper van on the lawn.

A very memorable day indeed for all concerned. I loved every second and I know they’ll remember it forever.

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