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Symondsbury Estate wedding photographer

On 29th June I had the pleasure of being the Symondsbury Estate wedding photographer for Stephen and Ellie.

Stephen and Ellie booked over a year in advance of their wedding near Bridport, Dorset. Stephen is the Brother of one of my closest friends so this wedding had a little extra intimacy for me.

Symondsbury estate wedding photofilm

The day was so sunny and contrasty I have chosen many of the images to be Black and White.

Make sure you go full screen and turn the sound up.

Some of my favourite photos

Boy oh Boy was this a hot June wedding day! Us men all started in three-piece suits but that didn’t last long, In the Marquee of the Crepe Farm house was as far as most of the jackets lasted. This was my first visit to Symondsbury Estate and I was blessed to be at both wedding venues, The Crepe Farmhouse and The Tythe Barn for this Dorset wedding.

The Crepe Farmhouse Wedding

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The whole family stayed at the Crepe Farmhouse throughout the weekend and enjoyed the hot Dorset weather on both days either side of the wedding day. Ellie had her wedding preparations in the master bedroom which had some lovely light and a spectacular view of the Symondsbury Estates tree-topped hill. A lot of young bridesmaids made this morning’s preparation so much fun!

The Crepe Farmhouse was the wedding venue for this particular wedding before heading over to the Tythe Barn. An Outdoor wedding is a luxury in this country and on a hot and sunny Dorset wedding, there is nothing better. I enjoy the freedom to roam around the outskirts, something I cannot do inside unless the venue is huge. One thing this wedding had was laughter, lots of it. It all starts with the Crepe Farmhouse wedding ceremony.

Symondsbury Estate Tythe Barn

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After the ceremony at the Crepe Farmhouse we all wandered down to the Tythe Barn which is close to Bridport in Dorset, another wedding ceremony venue but in this instance the place for the wedding breakfast. This was a very laid-back and friendly affair. Just the kind of wedding I like to attend, fun and stress-free. The Tythe barn lends itself to this kind of wedding with its beautiful grounds contained by the Symondsbury estate.

The evening was a perfect example of a summer evening with the sun lazily hiding behind the horizon while the bride and groom walked through the long grass and flowers.

If you’ve read about me on this website you’ll know I shoot a mixture of candid, Documentary Photography, which is becoming the primary focus these days with some beautiful portraiture too.

Find your Symondsbury Estate wedding photographer

If you are interested in having as much fun as Stephen and Ellie please get in touch, I’d love to photograph your wedding too.

I absolutely loved sharing Ellie and Stephen’s Symondsbury Estate Wedding.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as me.

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