Beaulieu hotel wedding photographer

Beaulieu Hotel Wedding Photographer

On 7th June I had the pleasure of being the Beaulieu Hotel wedding photographer for Leandra & Ash.

Leandra & Ash as a couple really ‘got me’ and we hit it off like a house on fire as soon as we met. It turned out they were family to a good friend of mine, a photographer too, so the pressure was on.

The weather on the day didn’t play ball and the forecast the day before was abysmal. So I am grateful we got out at all, the final shot was in the rain so I’m thankful for a couple who trusted my vision.

Make sure you go full screen and turn the sound up.

Beaulieu Hotel – wedding photofilm

Some of my favourite Beaulieu hotel photos

As you can see from below this was a day to be remembered. The weather not what you’d expect from an early June day. In the New forest at The Beaulieu Hotel but, that didn’t dampen the spirits at this wedding.

I could here the laughter from the room. Where Leandra was getting ready at the Beaulieu Hotel before I even entered. I knew from that moment forward it would be a great Beaulieu hotel wedding. The day was full of fun and emotion, everyone loves a crying groom.

If you’ve read about me on this website you’ll know I shoot a mixture of candid, Documentary Photography. Which is becoming the primary focus these days with some beautiful portraiture too. When the guests are fun working documentary is so much fun. Getting that story in one shot to describe the moment is like fishing, getting the moment is so satisfying.

If you are interested in having as much fun as Leandra and Ash please get in touch. I’d love to photograph your wedding too. Whether it’s at the Beaulieu hotel, another New Forest wedding or indeed anywhere else.

It was an honour to be Leandra and Ash’s Beaulieu Hotel Wedding photographer.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as me.

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