trash the dress

Kirsten and Mark trash the dress

Trash the Dress – Alternative wedding photography

After a late-night manning a booth at a wedding at Elmers Court I had to get up at 4 am to shoot a trash the dress session with Mark and Kirsten who got married at Parley Manor last year. We have tried several times to get out but the good old British weather let us down. Today the weather showed us all her glory in the style of beautiful summer sunrise, definitely worth the early start.

Not many couples are happy to get in the water at dawn, and I’m very thankful that Kirsten and Mark were game for this shoot. We had an amazing time and entertained the local fishermen at the same time.

I had a plan put together for this shoot that involved dunes and sand bars but due to a rapid spring tide, beautiful sunrise and an excitable dog (murphy) this all went out of the window. I flew by the seat of my pants with my off-camera flash and enjoyed every minute of it. I think you’ll agree as the results speak for themselves.

Big thanks to Mark and Kirsten for being great sports and braving the English water.

trash the dress
Trash the Wedding dress photo

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  1. Mel Bennett via Facebook says:

    Wow such cool images … what a fab idea!!!

  2. Kirsten Porter via Facebook says:

    Love the pics nath!!! Your a star!!!! Thank you again for this morning we had such a good time. Think my fav is where murphy has my dress in his mouth when he swan out to get us!! ;o) x

  3. Az Rehman via Facebook says:

    Great shots Nathan, seriously impressed that you managed to get there so early. Shots are brilliant…..hats of to your Bride and Groom. I’ll leave a comment on the blog tomorrow.

  4. Veronica Truswell via Facebook says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Looks like great fun! Murphy looks a little confused…although still a darn site more behaved and easy to photograph than my wolves! X

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