Kings-Arms-folly and bride

2018 a Dorset Wedding photographer’s introspective

The Christmas decorations have come down, the kids are back at school, that’s a wrap 2018. Now I have time to reflect on the years fun and games. What a year!

Looking through over 50,000 images from this year’s weddings I am reminded why I do what I do. I’ve realised that observational photography is one of my favourite skills and one that has developed dramatically in 2018. Picking out my favourite moments have been hard and although these may be not the ‘best’ photos from the year they are the moments I look back on with fond memories. I know my couples will have their favourites for the same reasons, one thing that photography can do is help you relive the moment they are taken and a great photo tells the story to the viewer.

From the first spring wedding to the last at Christmas this year gave me full storms with wind and rain but the most memorable was in the height of summer, that heat! Although there was no worry of rain the heat brought its out problems, I’ve never seen bars serve so much water and my camera bag has never supplied so much sun cream. but let’s talk about that light…… gorgeous illumination. This year was the first time I visited the Kings Arms in Christchurch (finally) not just once but twice and it has the most beautiful light flooding in the bridal suite.

Press play, full screen and sound on. I hope you enjoy it.

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