Last sunlight at Moorhill House Hotel

Moorhill House Hotel wedding Photographer – Louis & Rachel

On 5th June I had the pleasure of being the Moorhill House Hotel wedding photographer for Louis and Rachelle.

I’d been looking forward to this wedding for some time as Louis and Rachelle. As a couple really ‘got me’ and we hit it off like a house on fire as soon as we met.

Moorhill House Hotel – wedding photofilm

The day was so sunny and contrasty I have chosen many of the images to be Black and White.

Make sure you go full screen and turn the sound up.

Some of my favourite photos

As you can see from below this was a day to be remembered, the weather was amazing as you’d expect. From an early June day in the New forest at The Moorhill House Hotel.

The day started in the morning with the girls as usual but with the addition of prince. Their dog who decided that unless I gave him a treat he would not let me near his princess, Rachelle. We had got on like a house on fire during their engagement. Photoshoot but on the wedding day, I had to earn his trust.

If you’ve read about me on this website you’ll know I shoot a mixture of candid. Documentary Photography, which is becoming the primary focus these days with some beautiful portraiture too. The light at this Moorhill house Hotel wedding was amazing. When the sun began to set Rachelle actually ran to catch the last pocket of it before it disappeared. Now a couple that understands the importance of golden hour light is a godsend, I was truly blessed.

If you are interested in having as much fun as Rachelle and Louis please get in touch. I’d love to photograph your wedding too.

It was an honour to be Rachelle and Louis’s Moorhill House Hotel Wedding photographer

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as me.

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