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Bride applying her makeup in the window -Larmertree Wedding

How to apply wedding makeup

365 days of weddings | Day 13. Applying your wedding makeup to look natural is important to all brides. This handy little hint is a secret missed by a lot of ladies out there. As a wedding photographer, I’m aware of the colour of light and so should you.
Bride with children in Wareham lots of laughter

Wareham wedding photographer

Sometimes the laughter in a photograph leaps forth and you can almost hear it. The flower girl in this image is so happy she could burst. Such a lovely and unique wedding in Wareham.
A brides reaction to a wedding flash mob

Wedding Flash Mob

365 days of weddings | day 11. The bride’s reaction to her friends treating her to a Flash Mob in the middle of the North Cadbury Court wedding ceremony was priceless! Take a look at her reaction to it. One of my favourite moments from 2016.
Bride and groom posing with their wedding Horse and Carriage in Dorset

Wedding Horse and Carriage

365 Days of Weddings | Day 11 A horse and Carriage in the depths of the Dorset countryside on an old stone bridge with the sun peeking out from behind the trees? An opportunity this photographer could not miss. Having a horse and carriage at your wedding is every little girl’s dream come true.
Bride putting on her wedding dress at the Sandbanks Hotel

Bride puts on her wedding dress at the Sandbanks Hotel

365 days of weddings | day 10. The wedding dress is the ultimate gift wrap for the new husbands exclusive present on his wedding day. Kady’s serene expression gives this moment a certain clarity in this photograph, it is difficult not to imagine what is going through her moment at this particular junction.
Studland bay house wedding - The First Dance

Studland bay house | First dance

The first dance is a part of the wedding the couple either look forward to or cringe at the mention of it. This bride had a second dress just so she could move around unhindered. Certainly relishing the moment the music started.
A happy bride at the Orchid Hotel in Bournemouth

Happy bride – The Orchid Hotel – Bournemouth

365 days of weddings | Day 8 The happiest bride in the world shows her true emotion bathed in evening light on Bournemouth’s zig-zag cliff path. This photograph shows a special moment shared between two people in love.
Bride being pampered at the Master Builders

The Master Builders Wedding – Arriving in perfect style

365 days of weddings – day 7 | Pick the winning team. When selecting your bridesmaids pick those who will unconditionally tend to your needs all day. That is what a ‘maid’ truly does for you. Your Team should do this for the love they have for you, not for payment. Watch this winning team in action.
Alpaca delivers the rings at Larmer tree gardens

Alpaca wedding ring delivery

365 days of weddings – day 6. The bride has a surprise when the wedding rings are delivered by alpaca and not by the best men. Certainly one of the most unusual guests I seen at a wedding ceremony.
Hamworthy wedding photographer

Confetti | Hamworthy wedding photographer

At a Hamworthy wedding outside St Michaels Church I wondered why do we throw confetti? Well, it turns out us Brits used to throw rice, Ouch! Thankfully we now use petals and paper.
The Haven Hotel Wedding photographer

Dark Nights – Haven Hotel wedding photographer

The Haven Hotel is a perfect place for a wedding by the sea. Sat at the entrance to Poole Harbour you get views of Yachts and beaches all day and in the evening a Flaming entrance to a 1920’s themed hotel. Here is one of my favourite night shots showing just that.

Living with PTSD – documentary photography

Living with PTSD is a mental illness that is often misunderstood. I catch up with Wildway Bushcraft Owner – John Boe – to spend a day documenting his life in the forest teaching survival skills.
Studland Bay House Wedding Photographer

Studland Bay House wedding – Ben & Justine

Studland Bay House is a hidden gem of the Purbecks, Ben and Justine had their Anglo-French wedding in May. Blessed with beautiful we made the most of a sunny spring day in these stunning gardens.

A Personal Story – First Day

A Personal photo story of my eldest daughters first day at Junior School. A little document of the Nerves and Excitement.
parley manor wedding sign bike and paddleboard

Summer garden wedding at Parley Manor

Parley Manor was the perfect wedding venue for these two sporty people. A Garden party with more character than Game of Thrones has Villains.
7 wedding mistakes and how to avoid them

7 wedding photography mistakes and how to avoid them

Top 7 Wedding photography mistakes and how to avoid them     The 2017 wedding season is rapidly approaching and I am always looking for ways to get better photographs for my couples. I always…
Salterns Hotel wedding

Salterns Hotel wedding Anniversary

Salterns Marina Hotel Wedding Photography   Where does the time go to? Alex and John had their Salterns Hotel Marina wedding 3 years ago on my daughters birthday. A beautifully drizzly day.   Sometimes a…

Larmertree garden wedding

Imagine yourself in the middle of a quintessentially English country garden with peacocks roaming free a couple of macaws sitting in the trees, live music playing in the background with warm sun glancing your skin, got it? Now you are somewhere near the feeling of getting married at a Larmertree wedding. Ben and Alexis had just this other tan a short, sharp shower just before the ceremony to add a bit of drama to the day.
Couple pose at Poole quay church

Poole Wedding and The Photography Show

After a rather busy weekend at The Photography Show at the NEC, I have returned vitalised and ready for work. This weekend I met my inspiration Albert Watson and not only did I get to…
Japanese water garden wedding photographer

Wedding at the Italian Villa in Poole

The Italian Villa, Poole. Wedding Photography   This day last week I spent the day with this very lovely couple at their Italian Villa wedding in Poole. Such a great day spent with a good…
Alpaca ring bearer at Larmerrtree Garden wedding

Alpaca photobomb at Larmertree garden wedding

Alpaca Wedding Ring Delivery     Not your usual photobomb at a wedding. These Alpaca’s were Saturday’s ring bearers at Larmertree Gardens on the Border of Dorset and Wiltshire. The registrars were party to a…
Bride and groom laughing at speech

7 memorable Best Man Jokes I hear while at a wedding

Love them or loath them Best man speeches are expected to contain at least one or two jokes. As a wedding photographer I hear quite a few speeches and now the internet is involved I do tend be able to work out the ones from the internet. This does not mean that they are poor, at least the best man has done some research and taken his job seriously, in fact, I’m probably one of the only people in the room who has gone to more than 10 weddings in their life let alone over 500!
A christmas Dorset wedding at the Victorian Barn

Christmas Barn wedding photographer

As Christmas approaches, I am reminded of this great wedding one year ago today at the Victorian Barn in Dorset. Everything about this wedding said Christmas, from the ties to the shoes, the big guy in Red even made a special appearance (even if his beard did fall off). Alex and Rachel had thought of all the little details for their wedding.

Larmer Tree wedding photographer

On this day exactly one year ago I had the pleasure of spending a day at the Larmer Tree gardens for such a wedding. Happy Anniversary to Aly and Steve. I simply adored this day, a wet afternoon did not dampen the spirits at this wedding. As you will see when Aly arrived from the King John Inn the Brollies were up.

Willow Floristry – Libra Recommends

Willow Floristry is still one of my favourite wedding suppliers, Pip and Tony bring a sparkle to any wedding. Read a bit about them and find out why.
Christchurch harbour hotel wedding photographer

Christchurch Harbour hotel wedding photographer

Father of the Bride is often forgotten about but the love of his daughter was touching at this Christchurch Harbour Hotel wedding. This was the first time I experienced the father being part of the preparation. I liked it, not traditional but emotional.

Engagement photos with a mountain bike

This mountain biker just had to get his bike into his engagement photos somehow. We decided a Kiss while in the middle of a Stoppy was the idea. Take a look

First Anniversary photos

On the first anniversary of Lianne and Dales wedding at Brympton House in Somerset  I’m sat at my desk looking out of my window thinking of magnolia trees in the sunshine. That is exactly what…
bride and grooms first look at Langtry hotel

Wedding Season 2016 begins

Langtry Manor Wedding Photographer Out from Hibernation, here I am ready to rock the new season. I’ve exhibited at the Bournemouth International Centre and Larmer Tree Gardens, Met lots of lovely couples and that’s got…
Langtry manor wedding photogrpaher

Planning an unplugged wedding?

A rant online about phones and ipads at a wedding gets slightly out of hand. What is your opinion? watch the video and discuss.