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Coping with rain on a wedding Day

Happy Anniversary Alex and Jon

Today is the anniversary of one of the most enjoyable weddings of 2014. Alex and Jon invited me to share in their wedding day at the Lansdowne Baptist Church in Bournemouth then on to the reception at the delightful Salterns marina. An extremely fun couple that I’d been looking forward to photographing since their engagement shoot on St Catherine’s hill, Christchurch (which unfortunately has recently suffered an arson attack resulting in one of Dorset’s biggest fires). I’m going to separate this post into two parts as I think it deserves it as the day had so much to offer. In part one I am going to share with you the quiet of the morning before the rain joined in the fun.

It all begins with the brides preparation

Alex began her day at her parents home in comfort and calmness, rarely do I see such a tranquil atmosphere on the morning of a wedding. The day started as a cloudy but bright morning although everyone could tell that the wet weather was brewing, it did not affect the bride. We had already discussed options for the rain and both Alex and Jon were prepared and game for some shots that I’d previously discussed with them. I’ve always believed that preparation is key, the fact we had a plan meant there was no worry or stress should the wet weather arrive. To be honest I was quite looking forward to some creative shots with a couple that would suit what I had in mind.

When the time came for us to leave the house the entire bridal party waited at the bottom of the stairs with Dad for the first sight of Alex in her wedding dress. This is one of my favourite shots from the morning. I love the happiness on Alex’s face while her mum tries to get the dress perfect for Dad to see who is waiting patiently at the bottom of the stairs, an image pregnant with emotion.

Meanwhile Alex and his best man wait at the Church anxious to meet the blushing bride is all her splendour, not too many nerves, the love between Alex and Jon is obvious as the smile on Jon’s face gives away the joy he is feeling about marrying his true love.

Alex arrives in a convoy of mini’s outside the church while the heavens decide to celebrate her arrival with its own form of confetti, the wet kind.  Now the fun begins!

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