Hengistbury Head engagement photography

Rachael and Jim made the most of the good August weather and chose to go for a wander around Hengistbury Head for their engagement shoot.

These engagement shoots are a great way for a couple to get used to posing in front of the camera and I always advise on having them however it is a two-way street. I also get an idea for just how much fun I can have with a couple. This is one such couple.

Rachael and Jim are practical jokers! They told me during the session that they regularly make each other walk into lamp posts! This naughty streak came about when posing on the beach. I stood them both by the water’s edge when a big wave came in, Rachel blatantly saw it coming but said nothing and carried on as if nothing would happen, until Jim was soaked! Not being angry and laughing retaliating by pushing Rachel on the way back just shows their light-hearted approach to life. I know that I will be able to push the boundaries a little on the big day and get some fun shots with a lot of laughter. I’m looking forward to their wedding on the Beach in Bournemouth this coming September.

I expect to enjoy being in their company and have yet another day enjoying my job.

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