Bride in motion at Milton Abbey wedding

Milton Abbey Wedding Photographer

When your wife’s friend asks you if you could photograph their wedding what can you say but yes? Jo and Russell live a hard life in a hot country off the Mediterranean, Jo is a Full-time mum and Russell is a Full-time Professional Sailor.

I happily obliged to be their photographer before I knew the venues. When I got told the Venues I was over the moon! Milton Abbey has been on my bucket list for a long time.

I was really happy to see a good friend get married in Milton Abbey even though they lived abroad which just goes to show what a beautiful country we live in.

My Day started at The Victorian Barn near Blandford where the beautiful Jo started her preparations along with her bridesmaids. As I arrived the rest of the guests were in the gardens barbecuing breakfast. Love that smell! I’m dribbling as I write this.

Milton Abbey Wedding

Dad’s face was perfect when he saw his daughter for the first time in the wedding dress, from that moment on I knew the emotions would run high in the wedding. Off we went to Milton Abbey, a stunning Abbey in the middle of Dorset. Beautiful grounds, a photographer’s dream. A few restrictions meant I had to be careful where I was during the ceremony but I came away happy with the images. The light in the Abbey is to die for and I’d love to have another wedding there just to try out some more ideas as there is never enough time at these sorts of places.

A few aftershots later we winged our way back to where we started, the Victorian Barn near Blandford. This time we had fun in the sun and laughter by the lake before sitting down to a supper meal and extra funny speeches. These guys did well, I’m not sure if it was the sailing references that got me but they certainly got everyone laughing. The Photo booth and Party time! The photo booth images are all available on my Facebook page and the full wedding gallery is in the Client area. Contact Jo for the password if you’ve forgotten it.

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