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Penny and Loz get married at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel and the Beach House, Mudeford

Beach House Cafe Wedding Photographer

Penny and Loz had their big day start at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel, Dorset where I had an early start with Penny. This was the first time for me at the hotel for several years. It turns out that it has changed somewhat since I was last there and the light in the building was spectacular. Penny and her bridesmaids were a lot of fun in the morning and I did enjoy being with them. Penny had put a lot of thought into the small details which throughout the day made the wedding very personal and special. The bouquet was one of the details that made this wedding unique, a beautiful material and lace creation which was simply stunning. Loz was waiting for penny to arrive and although nervous his humour shone through. Loz is like a stand up comedian when he gets going and his brother  is much the same. Penny arrived and I saw that Loz had his breath taken away. Penny’s dress could not have complimented her figure more, one of my favourite dresses of the year, simple and elegant.After the wedding at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel we wandered down to the Nelson Tavern for a Pub Quiz, yes that’s right a pub quiz, a great little twist to the wedding day. While we were in there the heavens opened but that did not dampen anyone’s spirits. A few comic moments and forfeits later we left for the ferry over to Mudeford. The reception was to be held at The Beach House Cafe on Mudeford Quay. What a stunning venue! Beach both sides, Beach Huts and full of rustic charm.One thing I love about a day when there has been rain is the aftermath. Reflective puddles and dark sky’s. When the sun came out it made for stunning group photos on the beach. Dorset is an amazing place and when the conditions allow the light is pretty unique, I feel blessed to live and work here.Now the after party……. I have never seen a pianist like the guy in these pictures. He was hilarious playing his keyboard like Bill Bailey on acid! If only there were more like him in the world.Just before I had to get on the ferry to return to my car they had a mass Chinese lantern release, well at least 20% got off the ground, not the easiest of things to do after a few ales! A few small fires later and I got on the ferry and left them too it.I truly enjoyed this day and loved being part of it. Penny and Loz left me the greatest testimonial which must mean the feeling was mutual. I hope you enjoy browsing these as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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  1. What a fantastic blog of a beautiful day 🙂

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