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A photographer rants about Phones at weddings

Today I saw an article on the BBC that I just had to share with you guys on here. It talks about the problems of guests with phones and ipads at a wedding. Long have guests with big cameras sitting on the shoulder of the wedding photographer taking shots that the pro had taken time and effort to set up. Photographers have always moaned about these. Personally I have usually taken a couple of steps back and integrated this into the shot as they are as much part of the story as the group in front of them.

As a bridal party you have always felt like the paparazzi have been invited. This article however is more about people missing the moment by viewing their lives through the phone screen. This is a sad reflection on our society but in my opinion is part of the times. Yes an unplugged wedding is great and I recently shot at one. I do believe that the whole phone, ipad moan is missing the point. These are all part of the excitement of the day. Yes they sometimes get in the way but so do kids. If an auntie walks into the isle to get her shot as you walk out of the church I’m not going to be able to get that shot, it happens all the time. I end up photographing the bottom of the auntie. Mostly people are aware of me. If as a couple you are aware of the problem you can make a choice. If you can live with a few missed shots go with the times, if not inform people on your invite.

What ever happens I’ll capture a great story.

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