Dorset wedding photography

Getting the shot

On a wedding day, I often hear the comment “what is that photographer doing?”. As I hide in the bushes, lay on the ground or climb a wall. I will stop at nothing to get the ‘shot’ that I have in my head. At this wedding at Christchurch Harbour hotel, the sky was full of little fluffy clouds. It reminded me of one of my favourite albums from my youth by the Orb when days were long….. I absolutely loved this wedding. The groom took this photo on his phone and sent it to me after the wedding. It’s not often I get a behind-the-scenes photo.

Behind the Scenes at Christchurch Harbour Hotel

When you look at the shot you’ll see I’m laying on the pontoon at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel to emphasise. The clouds in the sky and to balance the light with the sky. I have drafted in one of the wedding guests to hold a flash for me. There is always someone keen on photography at a wedding. Who is happy to help for the 15 mins I need an assistant.

The resulting image is a beautifully balanced exposure between the bride and the sky. Without the flash, this would have been a near silhouette.

Dorset Wedding photographer at Christchurch Harbour hotel
Christchurch Harbour Hotel wedding photographer

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