The moment a Bride enters Highcliffe Castle

highcliffe castle wedding entrance

This is, as I have said many times, my favourite part of a wedding day. The moment two soulmates see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

All morning you are preparing to meet, getting the most attention you have EVER had for a single date, not even for your first date. Professional makeup, hair, a beautiful outfit, flowers and your father to drop you off. Just like you’re a teenager being driven to your prom. Dad is proud, holding you by your arm living a moment he’s been both dreading and looking forward to since you were born. All the tension is released when you realise that you are both in the same place at the right time and then comes a flood of emotion. It can manifest itself in many ways, sometimes it’s to avoid eye contact because the thought of a public display is so off-putting that it stops you connecting but, more often than not, most people lock eyes, smile and then a flood of tears ensues. If you cant show emotion on your wedding day when can you.

At Highcliffe Castle, the aisle the bride walks down is flooded with light and is long enough for the couple to have a decent moment before the wedding ceremony gets underway. I love this connection, the registrars know that I do too, they always step to the side for me to get this before I sink into the shadows and let you enjoy the ceremony.

My advice to any bride and father walking down the aisle is to slow down. You are so excited to be there and the adrenalin kicks in I’ve seen a lot of people gallop towards their love. Take the time to soak it all in, the people, the place and gracefully float towards your soul mate. If you think you’re going slow, slow down. Really Slow down, that chance will not come again, enjoy it.

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