Kings Arms Christchurch wedding photographer

Shelley and Rob have a fine wedding at Kings Arms Hotel, Christchurch

Summer in 2018 bought us the weather we’d dreamed of for a long time, this wedding a The Kings Arms in Christchurch was on one of the hottest days. We certainly loved the heat and I’ve never seen a bar serve so much iced water!

Shelley and Rob had planned their wedding for such a long time and booked me well in advance, we even had a spring engagement shoot in Bournemouth gardens. I’d been looking forward to sharing their day and it was one I’ll remember. This was the first time I’d been a Kings Arms wedding photographer as it was one of the few venues in Dorset that I hadn’t frequented over the years, definitely one on my wedding photographers bucket list. I can honestly say I rather enjoyed the venue and I hope I’ll return, soon.

The day started with makeup and hair with the very talented Amazing face make up artist Caroline, from experience I must advise brides not to underestimate the importance of a professional make up artist, I know you do it every day but trust me wedding make up is very different and your photographer does not want to be adding makeup in photoshop! As you can see Caroline has a good eye and it makes my job easier, Shelley is a very pretty woman so all she needed to do was enhance. The usual chaos started as the dress was put on and a very proud/emotional dad entered. Every time I see this I think of my daughters and how I will feel, I have such empathy for the dads at this moment.

My favourite part about the Kings Arms Christchurch is the unique way the bride gets to the ceremony, a Stop bride crossing lollipop, very Abbey road. Enter the ceremony and emotions run wild. This is where a documentary wedding photographer comes into his own. I love to observe and record the special moments as they happen, each photo tells a story and together they are quite powerful, wouldn’t you agree?

Into the full sun and the outdoor photos start, a few groups and some portraits, finding as much shade as we can before we all melt, so much opportunity for locations at The Kings Arms Pavillion I was truly spoilt for choice. After which we retreated to the wedding breakfast to get out of the sun. A great crowd for the speeches and first dance traditions. Always helps when your guests are merry enough to enjoy the evening without falling over!

I hope you enjoy these as much I enjoyed being there.

Are you planning a wedding at The Kings Arms in Christchurch?

I’d love to hear about all your plans. It would be great to share your wedding day with you.

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