Hand Fasting at Old Wardour Castle

Old Wardour Castle Hand Fasting

A fleeting visit by Kevin and Nicola to the UK from the USA for their military wedding at Old Wardour Castle in Wiltshire. I felt honoured to photograph these crazy people, they had the same sense of humour like me!  Other than a few electronic conversations we hadn’t met due to the expanse of water between us. Always makes me nervous when I let this happen but I needn’t have worried We had great fun.

The wedding day itself was a Humanist ceremony which I always find very personal. Vows were exchanged promises made, all within the castle. If only the walls could speak, I’m sure there would be some tales to tell, if only to tell us what Kevin Costner got up to while filming Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. The Summers day could not have been more English to welcome the happy couple. People picnicking on the grass, ushers drinking mead, wives playing with Swords (see the photos) and the weather, HOT would be an understatement.

The photography for the wedding day was a brief affair as they only wanted the Old Wardour Castle part of their day photographed. 3 hours of wandering around the castle, sheltering in dark rooms to keep cool were plenty of time to use this photographers paradise of locations. I had to stick to a few that I had spotted and not wander off the plan. I really could have stayed all day at this venue and shot stunning portraits without repeating any single photograph. I hope to visit this venue again soon, I have so many more ideas to play out.

Here are my favourite photos from the day. There were so many I loved I struggled to reduce it to pop them on the blog.

Thank you for inviting me along Kevin and Nicola to be your Old Wardour Castle wedding photographer, it was an honour.

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