Over the years I’ve noticed the same questions cropping up in meetings with potential clients. I have tried to answer most of them here. If there is anything that you would like to know that isn’t here please get in touch.

Hampshire Wedding Photographer having fun with bridemaids at Rhinefield House

How would you define your style?

As my tagline says contemporary, relaxed and fun. I will cover your wedding in the modern fusion of traditional group and posed portraiture with a contemporary feel. I’ll also make time to blend with your guests and take those all important candids of your family and friends enjoying your hard work. I also like to make time in the day for some images of the two of you with that WOW factor that you’ll just want to show off to your friends and family, I just love my job and I want you to be talking about my passion. More importantly, I’m a likeable fellow that people warm too and I’m quite funny (or so I’m told) which helps.

As one bride said to me. Her wedding day was like a film script she’d taken a year to write and the day was her film playing out in front of her eyes. I was the all important cameraman recording it so she could watch the moments she’d missed the first time.

Can you show me a set of recent weddings

Sure, If you follow my blog I’ll usually post weddings with enough images to convey a wedding and even populate a whole album but when we meet in person I’ll bring some albums that are actually copies of real clients so you’ll see the genuine finished product.

Are you insured

OH yeah!! It makes me mad when I hear of weekend photographers that aren’t. Things can happen, otherwise insurance would not exist, I have cover that, in the event of a fault on my behalf there is Indemnity insurance and Public Liability for when someone trips over my camera bag and injures Aunt Maud. Not that I’ve ever let that happen!

I have seen some pictures I really like, can you do them?

Of course. I’ll never plagiarise someone else’s work but we all get inspiration from somewhere. If what you’re asking is reasonable I’ll be happy to add my own slant on whatever it is you would like.

Are you a member of any Professional Photography associations?

Yup, for sure. Us photographers are a social lot. instead of seeing ourselves as competition like other industries we like to discuss new techniques and gear as well as show of our latest image for peer review. After being a member of several I have settled on Nine Dots, This is Reportage and the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) of which I am an Associate level member of the RPS which is one level from the top (fellowship), I hope to gain Fellowship soon with a portfolio of WOW shots that your wedding could take part in!

What happens if you are Ill on the day of my wedding?

Well I am pretty robust but in the event that I could not crawl to your wedding I operate within a group of photographers that cover each other in the event of incapacitation. You’ll have a photographer who has the same style and meets my approval. You would usually have a second photographer on the job who would then take the lead in my absence.

What happens if your camera develops a fault?

Then I’d pick up my second camera and if that meets it’s demise i’d go to the car and get my third back up. If in the unlikely event that failed i’d mug one of your guests in exchange for copious reward for a digital SLR that every wedding has a guest using one adequately equipped for a professional to give perfectly composed shots with. Well if we get to the next level…….iphoneography?  In all seriousness I couldn’t see two going down let alone four! I’ve had 14 years in the business and only had one failure, I look after my kit like my children

Can my guests take pictures?

yes, yes and yes. You’ll often find me exchanging hints and tips with that keen amateur uncle of yours. I’ll even encourage participation so I can photograph them. Its part of the atmosphere of a wedding. You’ll know what it feels like to be a celebrity by the end of the day I promise

Can you take a picture of my great-aunt/cat/fish?

Yes, as long as you let me know who or what they are I’ll do my best to get that shot for you.

How long do the group shots take?

On average they take 5 mins each (that’s an average!) put your wish list together and work it out. People often come to me with 12 groups, now that could take up to an hour with you in each one! They are a very important part of your day for close family so leave it at that then add the whole group and any special people. 25 mins to half hour is great.

When will I see my pictures and receive my album?

I always aim to get all your images online within 3 weeks but I always put a sneaky peek on my blog and Facebook as I cannot resist showing off a few images from the weddings I shoot. Your album, from the time you’ve approved your proof will be a maximum of 5 weeks to be bound, printed and delivered to your door.

Do I get digital copies of all my images?

If you selected it in your package yes. I do offer it as a service. All you really need is your album in truth as it shows the day in the light you will remember it, thats why you take care in selecting the images. Most people want the disc… because they can. I have the disc from my wedding, I’ve looked at it once and it took 5 hours. I keep all the images that are not bought on my server and back them up in triplicate in three different physical locations. Let me take the risk of fire,theft, becoming obsolete etc for you. DVD’s always were a good idea but most computers/laptops are now being sold without them. time moves on and so do your images.

Can I really be sure your any good and we'll get along?

The only way you can be sure of that is to read those reviews on my site and meet me. I couldn’t attain ARPS level membership of the Royal Photographic Society without knowing my craft. As for my personality, I’ll let you gauge that for yourself.

Who will actually take my photographs?

Me, and one other If you select a two photographer package. I am my company’s reputation and it means the world to me.

Why would I need two photographers, aren't you enough?

Well I am amazing but even my super powers of photography cannot transport me to two points in time and space together. I have a handful of people who I trust to work alongside me and I them. We can then cover two different aspects of the day. there is so much happening on a wedding day that the extra set of eyes is always a bonus.

How do you cope if it all gets stressful?

I have spent days photographing babies and toddlers at competitions in London. Weddings are happy places even when its stressful. A studio full of crying babies is far from happy but I still get em smiling! I love weddings and if it gets stressful I’ll pull an unexpected rabbit out of the hat and diffuse it. I’ve usually come across the situation before.

My wedding is not in Dorset, do you travel?

I have photographed weddings as far away as Italy and Dubai. Should you want me to travel I will give you a bespoke wedding package to include the travel and accommodation, that is all. Best thing to do is click the button above and ask me a question, I don’t bite.

How do I know your reviews aren't just made up?

I have reviews on my on Facebook page and Trustpilot which involve signing in with your own account.  I receive thank you cards from happy brides all the time which I’d be more than happy to show you. However if the review was faked next to a photo of a client, I’m sure they’d complain pretty quickly, that’s the joy of social media, it’s pretty hard to get away with it these days.

I like your work.....what now?

Thanks, I work hard to get people like you to like what I do just get in touch.

How do I get in touch?

Use the contact form on this site.